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In Ezekiel chapter 9, we read about a man clothed in white linen, who's instrcuted to begin marking men on their foreheads. In the book of Revelation, we read about this same company of people who've been marked, who become immune from the plagues and angel of death touching them. 


If this mark is vital for our protection, why has so little ever been said about it? In this teaching, pastor Mornay takes an in-depth look at this mark. What is it? How is it obtained? And what are the benefits to obtaining it.

Conversely, there is another marking that takes place in parallel to this marking. And it's off course the mark of the beast. Contrary to popular opion this is not a micro-chip implant but rather a sealing of carnal mindsets.


This message will open your eyes to the prophetic markers Yahweh has put in place to aid the church in its navigation through end time events. 


This is undoubtedly, one of pastor Mornay's most revelatory messages and is a must-listen-to for everyone!


Item #: M-152E


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The Bride's Marking (MP3)

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