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In the beginning El Elyon created the heavens and the earth. Why would a perfect God create something imperfect? By studying the original Hebrew text, one will discover that the word 'create' implies "a miracle of perfection", and that the earth of Genesis 1:2 was a progression to a state of voidness and emptiness. Pastor Mornay digs deep in this series to show one what really happened at not only the creation account, but the ancient Phoenician culture. Events that are according to prophecy are cyclical i.e. they will make a re-surgence again in end times.


This is undoubtedly Mornay Johnson's most powerful investigate work to date, unmasking ha-satan's end-time plan for humanity. This series needs to be heard by every believer if they plan on circumventing the end time deception that is soon about to sweep humanity.


Part 2 (of 4)


Item #: M-184E


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Phoenix Arising - Part 2 (MP3)

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