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Isaiah 46:10 states that God declares the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done.


A Hebrew word study of the words "beginning" and "end" undoubtedly point to Genesis 1:1 i.e the very beginning as "beginning" and the end of the age as "end".

Meaning that the end of the age will be revealed by the very beginning (genesis) of all things.


Romans 16:26 declares that the scriptures are prophetic. At the time the apostle Paul penned these words, the New Testament had not been written; which means he was referring to the Old Testament scriptures.


Tying these two together we understand that the Old Testament scriptures point to greater spiritual realities and by unraveling the beginning we can understand the end of the age.


In this two-part message, pastor Mornay will reveal the prophetic nature of the Genesis creation account, that will unlock end time events, and shed light on God's intent for His church at the end of the age.


Part 2 (of 2)


Item #: M-134E


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Genesis Light - Part 2 (MP3)

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