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Moses, Isaiah and Jeremiah all said exactly the same thing to the people of their day "they had eyes but could not see". Then hundreds of years later, when Yeshua appeared on earth, He states the same thing to His generation..."you have eyes but cannot see".


This must evidently be something that is close to the heart of God viz: that He wants His church's eyes opened to see clearly. It must also apparently be a big deal in the end days; since in the book of Revelation, we are informed to "buy salve for our eyes so that we can see".


If this theme is so important to God, and vital to our spiritual sustanance in the end days, why is not more being said about it?


What does it mean to have eyes to see? This message will open your eyes to the scriptures in a way you've never seen them before. And you'll discover what it means to HAVE EYES TO SEE.


Item #: M-254E


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Eyes To See - 2nd Edition (MP3)

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