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Isaiah 46:10 informs that we will know the end from the beginning. Meaning, we will know what will happen at the end of the age from Genesis (that is what the original Hebrew words translate to). This notion is supported by Paul in 1 Corinthians 15, when he states "But we should notice that the order is 'natural first and then spiritual'". By realizing that Genesis' creation account is far more than an historical series of events of the material realm's beginnings, we can extrapolate the prophetic nature of the scriptures, to accurately determine end-time events.

The seven days of creation tell a fascinating story of Yahweh's intended plan for humanity. With revelatory insight, Mornay Johnson breaks down the ancient scriptures to illuminate our understanding of end-time events.


Part 1 (of 3)


Item #: M-167E


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Days of Creation - Part 1 (MP3)

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